More Amazing Stories From Our Customers!*

The difference in her since starting her on your product is nothing short of a miracle, she is happy, wanting to play, go for walks (haven't done that in 2yrs) eating better and generally is a completely different dog, family, friends and neighbours can't believe the transformation.
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Dawn O.

Omg can’t believe it! I wish I had done a before video but bearing in mind she has been incredibly slow and literally tiptoe ing on short walks for along time. Now watch my video taken today. Absolutely Incredible. We are both so very happy. Thankyou
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Sally & Phoebe.

he has now had 5 daily sachets of Extend and has just trotted for a mile without a single stride of walk. Prior to this he would trot maybe 20 paces before walking and to even think about walking for a mile was out of the question as he'd just stop and lay down. Fingers crossed this sudden improvement is maintained. Very happy and to be honest, amazed.
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Abby L.W.

My German Shepherd is excelling on this what a wonderful product she is only 4 years old and is back walking and running.
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Poppy has had 4 sachets and is like a new dog, back to her lively self. It has been amazing seeing the difference in such a short time. Needless to say she will stay on this supplement. Recommend this very highly and my daughter is getting some for her elderly English Bull Terrier. Brilliant stuff.
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Pat H.

I bought this for my 16 year old dog Kizzie & it is amazing, she was really struggling some days but now she's playing & jumping onto the bed easily, I also changed her food to fresh meat, fish & tripe etc, she's so much healthier, good coat & running around like a puppy, totally recommend this.
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S. Stretton

Six days of Extend, noticeable difference. Moving easier, back straighter, and playing more with our other dog. Thinking of trying it myself...... :smiley: Thank you for bringing this to the UK.
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Valerie H.

I cant believe the difference in our girl , the stiffnessin her legs seems to have gone in such a short time, the only thing that worries me is that we will not be able to pay more than we have paid already, but your product is really good and i thoroughly recommend it.
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Judith T.

Just reordered for first time. Thanks for making this fantastic supplement so affordable longer term after the introductory offer. I've noticed improvement since the first month of adding Extend. Even if that's just for the short time that may still be left. It's given me hope. And certainly made Missy's life better mobility wise. Thank you for that!
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Lizzie B.